Manga contest

Since 2107, Shibuya Productions and SHUEISHA Inc. are sponsoring a manga creation contest as part of the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) in partnership with Shibuya International.


The contest is free and open to all.

The judges of the final will select a winner and their heir apparent:

- The heir apparent will receive a certificate of participation as a finalist and their work will be published on the Shônen Jump + website.

- The winner will receive a first prize certificate and their work will be published on Shônen Jump +.

Shibuya Productions will also offer them a one month trip to Japan (including a return ticket in economy class for one person, transportation from the airport to the accommodation, accommodation in Tokyo for one person). During the trip, the winner will meet a tantô (publisher) from Shueisha, work with mangaka and get the opportunity to extend their partnership with this publisher for one extra year !


Hyper Shiritori by vinhnyu, MAGIC 2017 manga contest big winner !



We are happy and proud to announce that Hyper Shiritori by vinhnyu, MAGIC 2017 manga contest big winner is now on Shônen Jump + !

The Witcher in the City by Dhafer, The heir apparent, is also available since april.

Soon, the dates of the 2nd edition of the Magic Manga Contest will be revealed !

Entry forms should be submitted by email to, along with a scanned image file of these signed terms and conditions and a link to a server where we can download your full work.


The Jury announcement and schedule is going to be up soon!



Do you want to register ? Download Terms and Conditions HERE.

Don't forget to sign and initial them!


Photo_concours manga_2016-2017(1)

Sahé Cibot (Shibuya International), Yoshihisa Heishi (Shueisha), Cédric Biscay (Shibuya Productions), Shuhei Hosono (Shueisha)