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Crazy Time by Shibuya Productions

Exclusive announcements have been revealed during the traditional Crazy Time by Shibuya Productions, that took place on March 9, at the 5th anniversary of MAGIC...


  • New images and sketches of the AstroBoy Reboot animation TV series were unveiled in the presence of Yoshihiro Shimizu, CEO of Tezuka Productions.


  • Yu Suzuki, creator of the video game Shenmue and Cédric Biscay, presented the latest developments in the highly anticipated video game Shenmue III, for which they collaborate. A worldwide exclusive trailer of the game has also been presented. Please discover it HERE


  • The Shibuya Michel Lafon label, a collaboration between Shibuya Productions and the publishing house Michel Lafon, announced the release of several mangas in 2019, including:


                - Astro Boy Année Zéro, by the authors Jean-David Morvan, Gerald Parel and Guillaume Martinez.




                - The Solios manga from Dhafer and Florence Torta, will  be available in bookstores in July 2019.


                - Versus Memory by Dave-X, another manga from the label, will be released in October 2019.


Shibuya Productions finished beautifully its Crazy Time by announcing that Leiji Matsumoto opens the doors of his universe, and shares a part of it with Didier and Lyse Tarquin in order to create a story around the genius Toshirô Ôyama, as well as many other characters from the world of the mangaka, including the famous Captain Harlock.