Created in 2019, IWA (The Rock in Japanese) is the publishing house of Shibuya Productions.


Its first title Blitz is an original shonen manga, in which the plot is set in the very cozy and prestigious universe of the chess world.



By creating a manga on this theme, Shibuya Productions has sparked the interest of a well-known player in this discipline. Mr. Garry Kasparov, undisputed chess master, who agreed to supervise and sponsor the series.



Blitz is the result of a close collaboration between Monaco, Japan and the USA, allowing the teams to work together according to Japanese productions techniques for a manga.



IWA has published 3 volumes in only 1 year, a great performance in the publishing world.



This project has proved to be a success, as volume 1 has already been reprinted and more than 10,000 copies have been sold on the French market alone.



In Japan the title is available via the very famous Shonen Jump.