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Discover the trip to Japan of Vinhnyu great winner of our Magic International Manga Contest 2017!

Vinhnyu, the great winner of our first Magic International Manga Contest stayed 1 month in Tokyo last summer through the contest.

The program included : visiting, meeting and friendly meals!
The program started with the visit at Shônen Jump office, the contest's partner.


Besides, we were lucky to be in Japan during the first period of the exhibition featuring the 50 th anniversary of Shônen Jump. Being there was such a must!


We will not list all the places our winner visited but it seems like he has been walking a lot!


For the meeting part, we had the pleasure to meet a publisher from Shônen Jump+ who advised greatly Vinhnyu. Several mangaka kindly offered us some of their very precious time.


A big deal when you realize how overbooked they are.


Among them, Nobuhiro Watsuki, one of the 2017 jury members .
During a meeting with him, Vinhnyu could ask the author all the questions he had.
He shared with us this great moment in the drawings below :


Our winner also met Katsutoshi Murase (author of  _Re/member_published by  Ki-oon) and his 4 assistants.



He was impressed and inspired by their unusual way of working : they go twice a week to the gym for a box thai training!


Since they have decided to adopt this habit, the whole team seems to be in better shape and more efficient in drawing.


Obviously they all look so happy in their job ... That's for sure!  Is Vinhnyu going to start doing sport between 2 Manga boards....?


During a very warm and tipical japanese lunch, Harumo Sanazaki, the prolific author told us about scriptwritting and about her carreer.




Very encouraging and benevolent, she can't wait to discover Vinhnyu 's upcoming works ...



As for us, we are obviously keeping in touch with him and we hope to tell you very soon about his project with Shueisha!


And to end our little report about our winner here are some words he would like to share with all of you.

" Through my trip to Japan, I had the opportunity to live an amazing human adventure and meet astounding people.  I hope  you will be many applicants to  take part of the contest's second edition ! "