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Shibuya Productions in the heart of the digital transition of Monaco

On April 30, the Principality of Monaco revealed, in front of high-personalities, its digital revolution project, named Extended Monaco, and how they will realize this big transition.



During his opening speech, HSH Prince Albert II highlighted that Monaco needs to belong to this unique revolution. He would like that the Monegasque citizens reunite themselves around this project, in order to become leader, which will mobilize important capabilities and all talents of the Principality.


Alongside the sovereign and Frédéric Genta, interministerial delegate for the digital transition, the most representative people of the digital transition have been invited:

  • Luc Jacquet, Filmmaker
  • Cédric Biscay, President and CEO of Shibuya Productions
  • Thomas Battaglione, CEO of SMEG


Each of them had the chancfe to illustrate the digital challenges for the Principality and demonstrate their involvement in this technological revolution.