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The MAGIC International Manga Contest registrations are now open!


Shibuya Productions and Shueisha are pleased to announce that registration for the 8th edition of the MAGIC International Manga Contest is now open!

This contest aims to discover talents, to bring them prestigious international visibility by publishing the winning works on Shueisha’s publishing platforms: Shônen Jump + and MANGA Plus.


The winner will also have the opportunity to spend several weeks in Japan, during which he will meet mangaka, a publisher (tantô) from Shueisha, and try to continue the adventure with this publisher for a year!

To participate and join the 17 international works from all over the world read by more than 3.2 million readers, click HERE!

Try your luck, the jury will focus on the universal aspect but also the originality of the projects.


Key dates for the 2024 competition:
November 9 midnight: Deadline submission of files
November 23: Announcement of shortlisted stories
January 18, 2024: Announcement of the 5 finalists
February 24, 2024 (MAGIC) – Contest Final