Monaco Anime Game International Conferences


Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) is an event organised by Shibuya Productions open to all and held at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo.


The last convention was on February, 25 & 26 2023.

Join us for the next edition

on February, 24 2024



This event is dedicated to several worlds – video games, manga, animation, comics, french comics, cinema, TV and music.


MAGIC offers various conferences and round-table debates with famous international game designers, producers, screenwriters and illustrators interacting with the audience.


MAGIC is the perferct occasion to attend an exceptional cosplay contest, in the presence of some of the greatest performers - the Magic International Cosplay Masters.


MAGIC is, also, the organizer of a unique manga contest in partnership with SHUEISHA and in collaboration with Shibuya International.


In short, it’s all about meeting, greeting and sharing!



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