The ESA astronaut, Thomas Pesquet, on mission in Cannes with Shibuya Productions



With its strong commitment to pop culture aimed at bringing Art, Science and Education together, in all its projects, SHIBUYA PRODUCTIONS could not remain indifferent to the preview of the famous film return "Top Gun Maverick" scheduled on May 18, 2022, during the 75th Cannes Film Festival.



SHIBUYA PRODUCTIONS, wanted for this occasion to invite a real-life superhero to step on the prestigious Cannes red carpet.


Thomas Pesquet, the European who has spent the most time in space, will do us the honor to be by our side during this event, which already promises to be epic for many fans around the world. He will make the most of his stay in Cannes to present his mission to high school students.



Let’s meet on May 18 from 7pm!



© Thomas Pesquet