Astroboy Reboot

Animated TV series / 3D/2D / 52 episodes of 11 min

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Shibuya Productions (Monaco)
Caribara Animation (France)
Tezuka Productions (Japon)


C├ędric Biscay - Fabien Baboz - Yoshihiro Shimizu


Florian Thouret


Adapted from Osamu Tezuka’s world famous manga Tetsuwan Atomu, the Astroboy Reboot is an animation series for the whole family.



The story is about a small, powerful robot convinced that he would have to become a little boy, in order to be loved.


However, he is extremely rational, logical and strong. He does not know how to lie or how to play …. in short - he really is not a little boy! Yet he has emotions, even if he doesn’t know how to manage them. Through his adventures with his two human friends, Fubuki and Akino, Astro is going to learn how to accept himself just the way he is - with all his weaknesses … and strengths.