Lilly and the magic pearl

Animation feature / 75 min

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Shibuya Productions (Monaco)
Frame Productions (Bulgaria)
Caribara Animation (France)


C├ędric Biscay - Adrian Georgiev


Anri Koulev


Valeri Petrov


It is an aquatic tale depicting underwater life, true friendship, separation and hope … These are some of the concepts which are disregarded these days.


The little Lilly is standing inside the telephone both on the beach. She listens attentively by a story, which takes her to the depths of the ocean where she meets an ugly monster – the fish Gillion – and together, they go to search for the magic pearl!

In the sea of kids’ dreams,

A small pearl is shining, ready to make everyone better at the end.

But to become good, a price must be paid…

Lilly's encounters become more and more dangerous because the jellyfish, the turbot and the octopus want just one thing ... to eat Lilly!