Petz Club

Animated Series / 2D / 52x13min

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Project Image Films (France)
Shibuya Productions (Monaco)
Pictor Media


Gilbert Hus - Cédric Biscay


Régis Vidal & Florian Thouret


Nina, Oscar and Tim, along with their dog Marlou, created ‘PETZ CLUB’.


This secret organization (for adults in all cases) has the mission of finding children's lost pets.  But being a CSI agent is not easy when you are only 7 or 8 years old, have to go to school and deal with parents. The team has 48 hours to find and return the little furry, slippery or feathery friends to their young, sad owners.


The adventures of PETZ CLUB are full of emotion, mystery, humor, suspense and educational games. Young audiences can participate alongside our heroes in each quest, discovering more about the animals and their habits, while having tons of fun.